About us

Our aim “To look after you better than any other firm so that you can build a great business”

We work best with clients who are…

  • Responsive
  • Friendly & helpful
  • Good at taking advice & willing to learn
  • Trustworthy
  • Happy to pay their fees
  • Happy to pay fair tax

Because that is what we are.

We are Rivington Accounts, the North West’s leading accountant for business growth.

Our mission

“We help businesses thrive through our client-focused approach, by delivering fast accountancy and taxation services.”

We care deeply about your financial performance and growth and we achieve this by working hard to build a strong relationship with you.

In fulfilling our mission, we’ll get to know you and your business and what it is that is important to you. We like to build a close and honest relationship with our clients in which we can inspire, challenge and support you to achieve your goals. We provide the best advice and a friendly environment for you to discuss and consider your options.

  • The Owner/Manager business expert
  • Free unlimited support; emails, calls and meetings
  • Fixed Fees (Quoted in advance) – No nasty surprises
  • Pay monthly spread your payments and no big bill to pay
  • Filed accounts on time or they’re free
  • Xero Accounting Software Partners, We offer the full range of Xero services including set up, training and ongoing support
  • Meet the team: come in for a coffee and a chat

Our Vision

Partner with growing businesses to engage and guide them towards their success.”

Our Values

Our mission and vision is underpinned by our values. We believe that three core values encapsulate our approach and these align with our vision to support businesses, these are;


Whether you’re starting a new business and want to hit the ground running, or have an existing one and are looking for a fresh and successful approach to accountancy why not arrange a free no-obligation meeting!
  • Right there and then we’ll give you answers to your most challenging of questions
  • We’ll tell you exactly how we can work with you to support your business
  • We’ll give you a fixed quote for our work

Still unsure? Click here for our testimonials to read about the impact we’ve made on other businesses.