Our DIY lounge makeover

We gave our ordinary lounge a spruce up! Read on to hear about how we achieved the new look...

The lounge was looking a bit dull (unfortunately forgot to take before pics) before we started working on it  - but now we've given it a lick of paint, with bright colours and crazy patterns, and now the team can enjoy lunch together in room that is interesting to look at and feels a bit more homely. 

It's not often that you get to show your creative side whilst working in an accountancy practice so we're always looking for ways to do things out of the ordinary, and most importantly, have a bit of fun. 

The first step we took to achieving lounge 'goals' was the feature wall. We knew we wanted something bright, with a geometric design but at first we weren't sure of the best route, we aren't painters & decorators so we knew we needed something easy .  So we looked at some tutorials on YouTube, we found a good design and even better it looked relatively simple. 

If you would like to recreate the same kind of thing for your home/office space take a look at the video below! 

For the colours, we chose yellow, blue, light grey and dark grey. It took us a few days work to get the desired effect as we had to paint the base coats first. 

For the next step we decided to buy a new table, the old table and chairs weren't exactly the comfiest and we weren't making much use of the space really.  The old table could only fit 4 people on and that made it hard for the team to eat together. We decided to buy a extending table which could now fit 8 chairs around it. As we already had an abundance of chairs downstairs there was no need to buy anymore which was lucky. 

Click through the gallery below to see the pictures up close! 

The last step we took was painting some canvases to match the feature wall. As we had accidentally bought much more paint than needed we knew we had to put some of it to good use. These are the paintings that we came up with. (We decided to name them like any great artist would) I know what you're thinking... has Picasso been reincarnated? 

'Space Rasher' in all it's glory.

'Glass of Bubbly?'

'Cheese Gromit?'

If you're looking to unleash your teams creativity and perhaps you've got a few walls going spare, we suggest organising something similar. It cost less than getting the professionals in and created a lovely personalised room for the team. 

Should I put a car through the business?

We often get asked whether clients should put a car through the business, In most cases, the answer is no.

Cars used to be a huge benefit and perk - years ago people were actually encouraged to drive more miles to pay less tax - but now, unless it's an electric or a hybrid car, it's generally not worth having a 'company car'.

We can do the calculation for you, based on the value of the car, CO2 emissions, etc but in the majority of cases, you're better off buying a car personally, and claiming mileage through the business.

If you're getting an electric car or a hybrid then the situation can be different and it can sometimes be worthwhile to buy/lease it through the business.


The only way to get the best advice is to speak with us about your specific situation.

To read more of our most frequently asked questions go to our Knowledge Centre.

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

It’s perfectly normal to make mistakes, so when the inevitable happens, don't beat yourself up.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are at an even higher risk of developing anxiety, depression or stress and it can be difficult to concentrate on your business, so mistakes do get made.

You are only human, we are made to make mistakes and learn from them.

Mistakes are crucial to a business’s development, but you may be left wondering how you can recover from a major mistake,  this blog will cover 5 useful tips on how to recover from those mistakes.

There are a few things we can do to resolve the situation:
1. Tell people you made a mistake!

By owning up to it, you can try to resolve the problem.

2. Learn to apologise when an apology is due.

A simple sorry can make conversations a lot smoother with colleagues, so explain what you did and why you did it.

3. Don’t berate others for their mistakes!

Speak to others in the way you would like to be spoken to, forgive them and move forward as you can’t change what’s already happened. It’s about how the team collectively deals with the problem. Likewise, if someone is making you feel bad for a mistake, don’t be scared to speak up and let them know how you feel.

4. Learn your lessons.

Analyse the mistake, assess what went wrong and ask yourself, ‘what steps can I take to prevent it from happening again?’

5. Forgive yourself.

Don’t criticize yourself harshly, you don’t deserve it. Look after yourself and try not to worry about the past. You will have plenty of chances to let your skills shine.


Most importantly, don't forget to ask for help. We support businesses with various aspects so if you get stuck don't be afraid of asking for help or advice. 

New features on Xero!

Xero has added a new invoicing layout which will hopefully save you a lot of time when invoicing your customers. 
New features include - 
  • Better user experience: more intuitive and easier-to-use invoicing.
  • More efficiency: simplified and automated workflows and the use of machine learning saves time and effort, creating less cleaning up for the accountant.
  • One of the super handy features of new invoicing is auto-save. You'll no longer experience lost time over repeated invoice entries, making your business day just that little bit easier.
  • Increased flexibility: show and hide entry fields for those with less complex invoicing needs.
  • Edit contact details directly from the invoice instead of going all the way to contacts.
  • Enter a specific discount amount, instead of discount %.
To get started with the new invoice layout, open up a new invoice scroll down the the bottom and click
Or test it out using your demo company.
Xero have said once they are comfortable that we are happy with the new invoicing experience, they will look to phase out classic invoicing sometimes in 2019 - so give it a try today!