Business Reporting

Business Management Reporting for SMEs –

Your external finance team.

  • Do your business finances cause you worry?
  • Wasting time interpreting the numbers/ time better spent serving your customers?
  • Are your growth plans on track?
  • Have you got a budget?
  • Can you afford that new car you’ve dreamt of? Funding for the business?
 Business owners like you are under constant pressure from the financial demands of your business.
Whilst you should be out there serving customers, winning new business, reaping the rewards that an owner should, what actually happens means you’re overwhelmed by the constant need to keep on top of the business.

Our solution?

it’s called Business Management Reporting.

Larger businesses do it, reviewing performance to steer their business, to give insight and enable decisive response to changing circumstances, but they can also employ an entire reporting team.
That’s where Rivington Accounts can step in to help.

We can help you by …

  • Building reports that reflect the performance you want to measure
  • Create budgets to plan and measure your actual performance
  • Design and email you daily alerts to warn you of the unexpected be it good
    or bad
    – e.g. bank balance, cash flow fluctuations, unpaid sales invoices
  • Deliver our reports by email to an agreed timetable
  • Let you choose how you want results presented – video commentary, face
    to face meeting
  • Ensure each meeting builds from the last to keep progress on track
    Help your business grow and you succeed.

We can offer you a no obligation meeting – so please call us on 01257 429252 and ask for Gianfranco Zanolini!

Or you can email