Client Reviews

Lorraine Kearney

A huge thank you for all your help and support with the excel spreadsheets you prepared for us, they have been a great help in us managing our payroll more effectively.

The service we receive from Rivington Accounts is first class and we are grateful for your professional, thorough service.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any other organisation.

Emma Mills

Martin and his team not only say what they are going to do – EVERY TIME! (which I have found is rare in my previous experience of accountants) they have also helped me save around 15 hours every single month by going the extra mile to automate part of our invoicing flow which I had no idea was possible. I didn’t even ask them to help – they pro-actuvely suggested it to me!  Rivington are the best accountants I have ever had in my 14 years of business and I am very happy they are by my side.

Katie Pimblott

The service is personal; I can pick up the phone and actually speak to a person. Rivington Accounts are good; they’re very efficient and they’re a backup for me as if I’m not sure of something I can always pick up the phone to them. Working with Rivington Accounts has made the business much more efficient; the systems we have in place are much better. Rivington Accounts are far more cutting edge and up to date with current things than other accountants I’ve worked with. Everything is more digital and online based which makes things a lot easier.

Pete Fraser

Rivington Accounts are lovely friendly people, totally reliable, and provide a very personal service. If I send Martin an email, unless he’s away on a family holiday, I get a reply within half a day. I’m filled with lots of confidence that they’re working in my best interests. I also like their honesty; if my enquiry is outside their scope of expertise they’re very good at directing me to someone who can help.


There have been some tax savings. It’s lovely to just have that reassurance that I’m staying the right side of the tax laws so I can get on and build my business without fly by night finances; they’re looking after my best interests in the background. I moved across from my previous accountant as it became obvious to me that his advice was in his best interests, not mine. The one before that was really boring, Martin’s not boring he’s fun. And the one prior to that, there were trust issues. It’s lovely to have an accountant I can trust who’s also very personable. It’s not just Martin but all of his team, they are just nice people.

Phil O’Connor



Whitewell Financial Planning Limited is a fairly young company and we have been working with Rivington Accounts for a little more than a year. Our relationship began with the bookkeeping service. We have recently moved to ClearBooks and Martin and Lisa have taken the time to visit us at our office to train us on the system and it is working extremely well for us.

Through the care and attention we have received with the bookkeeping service, earlier this year we took the decision to move all of our company requirements to Rivington Accounts. We found within a very short period of time that we could see the benefits of having Rivington Accounts on our side.


Being an ambitious company which is growing, we need to know that we have the right people around us to help us to move the business forward. We can already see that the service Rivington Accounts gives us total confidence that Martin is the right man to help us grow and develop. His in-depth understanding of business finance has already helped us to get a better understanding of our numbers and I’m looking forward to working with Rivington Accounts as we continue to grow.

Thank you Martin and the team.

Darren Bentham

Although we had known Martin for a couple of years, I was worried about changing Accountant as I thought it would be a hassle. Finally I’d had enough of struggling with the accounting systems I had in place, information was duplicated and nothing linked up between the invoicing, bank and payment records.

Changing over to Rivington Accounts couldn’t have been easier. I now use an online system to invoice clients and it has a daily feed from my bank account so I can reconcile the invoice and payments on a daily basis. I now only have one system, to keep track of and everything works seamlessly.


The best thing about it is that Martin can see what’s going on in the system too, so if I have a query he has all the information at his fingertips. Anytime I have a problem I just drop Martin or one of the team an email and I get an answer almost straight away. Not only have Rivington Accounts given me a simple and reliable system to use, I have also freed up hours every week and my latest year end was a breeze.


Martin and his team are great to work with and I wish I’d taken the plunge and changed to Rivington Accounts sooner to have saved lots of stress and worry!

Wayne Eastman

As a provider of letting and property management services to residential landlords, we set ourselves the highest of standards and our goal is to be one of the top letting agencies in Manchester. Our ethos is always to put the customer first and this is something I found from using your company.


Since using you for all my financial matters I really cannot thank you all enough as you have all contributed significantly to assisting me our of the financial difficulties my previous accountant/book keeper got me in. I now feel I have a much better understanding of my business and feel on track to achieving my financial goals. The service I receive is outstanding and I would have no hesitation to recommending you and your team to any prospective client.


I really feel you have gone above the call of duty of me, that in itself is excellent, but what is exceptional is the approach to your work as it’s very hard to find companies that put their clients before profit.

Rob Parker

“I worked with Martin for a number of years and always found him to be intellectually strong with an extremely good understanding of how to turn raw data into valuable business insight.

He has a huge amount of experience operating in complex environments and was extensively involved in historical reporting, financial planning and forecasting as well as business analysis and evaluation. His input across any of these areas has always been first class and would be of real benefit to any business.”

Celia Gaze – The Wellbeing Farm



Martin Horton comes here every month and has a management meeting with us and he presents this amazing monthly reporting analysis, which kind of gives all the trends in this very easy, graphical kind of format of that you can use. It tells me exactly, at a glance, where I’m heading in for problems, which areas I need to focus on, in terms of marketing. It gives me forecasts of sales, against budgets, against revenue and profit margin. It tells me my break even point. It gives me all of this future forecasted profits. The everything… so many graphs. I never had anything like this, and it is absolutely brilliant that not only do I get this report, but he actually makes time to come out and actually go through it.


I just had my annual accounts back from Martin and it was sent with a very helpful little video, which just talked me through the accounts, whereas before you were just sent it in an envelope, and you were like, “What on Earth goes this mean?”. Then you had to wait for the accountant to get in touch and to make an appointment. You do worry because you look at some of these figures and you think, ” Oh my goodness. What on Earth does this mean? Is it good or is it bad?”. I think that having that little kind of video that accompany the accounts when it was sent to you straight away that you could watch and it literally went through page by page of what everything meant was just so good. I’ve never had that before from anybody, really.

Nathaniel Cassidy

Martin and the team at Rivington have been instrumental in helping us improve our financial standards and professionalise our accounting processes. An example of this is the improvements we made to our credit control processes, they were formalised, bringing greater efficiency and reducing our monthly debtors balance from a five figure sum to a couple of hundred pounds. Beyond this Martin has also made a personal effort to understand our management structure and to really get to know Tom, James, and I. Friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

Jeff Underwood

Enrolling Rivington Accounts as our Accountants has been one of the best business decisions we have made.

We are now safe in the knowledge that our accountants are organised and up to date and Martin is always available should we have any queries or questions.

Michael Donkin

We receive a first class accountancy service from Rivington Accounts, who show a great attention to detail and strong customer service values.


All of the staff prove exceptionally willing to help whenever we have a query or an issue. Martin’s knowledge of accountancy and taxation is of invaluable help to us when required. My business has improved substantially with the support and advice received from Rivington Accounts and I have no hesitation in fully recommending their services.

Matthew Jones

In a recent customer satisfaction survey, we cited more regular meetings with Martin as a desirable improvement. Within a few days of submitting the survey one of Martin’s team was on the phone to ascertain the type of meetings and frequency of the meetings required and booked these in.

We also receive excellent payroll and other support from Martin’s colleagues as we grow the staff side of our business.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Martin and his team to anyone looking for professional, affordable accountancy services.

Lee Martin

Rivington Accountants provide a very client focused, personal service. Always willing to go the extra mile and they have a great understanding of our business needs. Recommended.

Gelston Manor Day Nursery

Rivington Accounts has continuously provided a great service to us here at Gelston Manor. They are reliable and always happy to help no matter how big or small the query may be. We highly recommend them.

Kaye Stanton

They do the profit first banking and they’re forward thinking and modern. They’ve helped me to get organised, and face up to my finances. Rivington Accounts are knowledgeable and have helped to educate me. They’re so much better than my last accountant in terms of communication and clarity, and just being able to get hold of them quite easily. They do save you time in the sense that they come up with systems that save you time.