How Do I Choose The Right Accountant For My Business?

Navigating the complex world of finance by yourself can be challenging, maybe even daunting, for business owners. Sometimes, however, it’s not quite as simple as just acquiring an accountant – they have to be the right fit for you, for your business, and for your specific needs. There are many aspects that can play a part in finding the right accountant, too, such as the industry you’re in, qualifications, and budgets.

But how exactly do you choose the right accountant for your business? What things should you look into or consider?

How To Choose The Right Accountant

Choosing an accountant to hire for your business is a really important decision to make and shouldn’t be made lightly. Taking to do the time to have a thorough process will really help you consider any hinderances or issues you might face. Like the location of the accountant, for instance.

Having a very capable person who is experienced and qualified is often the standard – they are going to be dealing with one of the most important areas of your business, after all. The right accountant will help your business in all the ways they can which is why this isn’t a quick or simple decision.

Choose Chartered or Certified Accountants

Not only is it better for your business but for peace of mind, also.

Choosing an accountant that is recognised by the government or regulated by a professional body invites relief to the decision you’ve made. They may hold one of the following titles:

CAs are qualified professionals that have typically completed both an above degree-level study and gained workplace experience. Due to their experience and their knowledge, they know how to add value to your business. You may consider non-chartered accountants for the more basic matters but you’ll likely need a chartered accountant if you want to take loans or are audited.

Check What Services They Offer

Accountants are at liberty to offer a diverse range of services due to the nature of finance being so widely encompassing:

  • Setting up or starting your business
  • Supporting you in running your business
  • Reducing workloads by helping to manage your business
  • Helping your struggling business
  • Bookkeeping
  • Cashflow Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Business advice

Not every business owner needs every single one of these services. You might require only a few, maybe even just one. But understanding the scope of your accountant’s abilities shows you what they can offer you if you do have any other business goals.

Look For Relevant Expertise

You’ll need an accountant who has relevant experience providing services to a company of a either a similar size or revenue to yours. Working with an accountant who has experience with smaller businesses, it will make quite a difference for them to be dealing with the finances of a bigger company and vice versa. If they have the relevant expertise, it also just provides you with the confidence that they know what they’re doing because they can draw on previous experience.

When accountants have worked with companies and other businesses in a similar sector to your own, they will already have some base understanding of what unique needs your business has. They’ll be able to handle the growth of your business much easier and create an effective finance strategy.

Research for Information

LinkedIn is a great online space where many industry professionals and business owners gather. They can share their business expertise and show what services they have to offer. You can usually find out other things from online spaces regarding their previous clients, qualifications, or connections. It’s a great way to learn more about their background, if they’re enthusiastic about their profession, and what clients have had to say or recommend about them.

Think About Your Budget

Having an accountant is often a priority for most businesses as they are skilled professionals when it comes to finances. And sometimes, business owners just have too much going on and that can make way for some very unintentional yet careless mistakes. Such as filing a report wrong or making an error that either costs you revenue or delays supplier payments.

Consider If Location Matters

Previously, doing everything face-to-face was pretty much the go-to for most businesses. Then, a global pandemic hit and everyone had to adapt and one of the ways we did that was by going digital. So today, location might be less of a worry for you if you’re using cloud-based technology to manage your business, like cloud accounting.

Chatting about your business’s finances online may not be something that appeals to everyone, though. So even if you use software to help you manage and keep track of your books, you might still want to consider the location of the accountants you’re interested in going to.

Is Going Digital An Option

There are many technologies available now for multiple purposes – one of those being finance-related. Although trying to find the technology that’s just right for you and one that you can use efficiently can be overwhelming, some accounts can help you with this.

Personally, we are quite tech savvy at Rivington Accounts and can suggest or even set up potential software for your business.

Why Have An Accountant?

Not to exaggerate but sometimes, having a good accountant for your business really can be your saving grace. A proactive accountant who only wants to help your business grow will genuinely care about your business and the management of it.

They’ll help you when it comes to tackling those complex financial matters; think invoicing, tax liabilities, end of year reports, or tax-deductible expenses. Accountants are professionals and sector specialists for a reason.

Why Rivington Accounts Might Be Right For You

Not only are we one of the North West’s leading accountants for business growth but Rivington Accounts also genuinely care about the financial performance and growth of your business – like a friendly and approachable extension of your team!

We provide a proactive and customised service to our clients, developing solutions that will only enhance the way you do business. In fulfilling our mission, which is to help your business thrive, we’ll partner with you and get to know your business and the things that are important to you. By growing your business, we can help you gain back time so that you can focus on your family and your other priorities.

Every relationship we build with our clients is an honest one where our aim is to both challenge and support you in achieving your goals. The advice we give you is tailored to your specific business wants and all done in a friendly environment where you can properly discuss and consider your options.

Get in Touch With Us

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We understand how important financial freedom is to many business owners as well as how challenging it can often be to maintain a healthy work/life balance. The pride of having a successful business and leaving behind a legacy is something personal. So if you’re dissatisfied with your current accountant or too busy to deal with finances, let us help.

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