New features on Xero!

Xero has added a new invoicing layout which will hopefully save you a lot of time when invoicing your customers. 
New features include – 
  • Better user experience: more intuitive and easier-to-use invoicing.
  • More efficiency: simplified and automated workflows and the use of machine learning saves time and effort, creating less cleaning up for the accountant.
  • One of the super handy features of new invoicing is auto-save. You’ll no longer experience lost time over repeated invoice entries, making your business day just that little bit easier.
  • Increased flexibility: show and hide entry fields for those with less complex invoicing needs.
  • Edit contact details directly from the invoice instead of going all the way to contacts.
  • Enter a specific discount amount, instead of discount %.
To get started with the new invoice layout, open up a new invoice scroll down the the bottom and click
Or test it out using your demo company.
Xero have said once they are comfortable that we are happy with the new invoicing experience, they will look to phase out classic invoicing sometimes in 2019 – so give it a try today!