Payroll, Pension & CIS Processing

Payroll Accountant In Chorley & Beyond

If you are looking for an experienced payroll accountant for your business, we can help. Rivington Accounts is dedicated to providing professional accountancy services for businesses of all sizes and industries. We would love to be your payroll accountant in Chorley!

Our dedicated and experienced payroll accountants can help with payroll, pension processing, CIS deductions and returns.

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Payroll And Pension Processing

Are you a new business unsure of how to deal with your payroll needs? Are your staff spending time processing your weekly/monthly payslips instead – time that could be better spent? Or do you simply want someone to save your time with HMRC filings and pension assessments?

We can help! Our payroll accountants will manage your payroll whilst providing a fast and easy service. You will receive our full support, expert advice and full compliance with HMRC legislation.

Depending on the requirements of your business, we can run a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll. 

Our payroll process can include;

  • Ensuring employees are paid the correct wage
  • Weekly/monthly payslips generated and emailed out
  • RTI filing each month
  • Setting up your auto enrolment pension
  • Pension assessments
  • Generating P45, P60 & P11D’s
  • Dealing with SSP & SMP
  • Completing end-of-year filings

CIS Deductions & Returns

All contractors must register with the HMRC, particularly if you pay subcontractors for their services. This applies to sole traders, limited companies and partnerships. 

If you are a construction contractor, you will need to register before you take on your first subcontractor. As part of your duties, you will need to check that your subcontractors are registered for CIS. We can also check a subcontractor’s CIS status online via our payroll system.

Monthly returns need to be filed with HMRC even if no subcontractors have been paid that month. There are £100 fines for each missed CIS return not filed. 

image of construction worker to depict payroll accountant in Chorley

Keeping on top of CIS checks and monthly returns can be challenging, especially when there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day!

That’s where Rivington Accounts come in. Our payroll accountants can file those returns for you whilst keeping track of what tax you owe in the process.  Any money paid to HMRC is shown on your payroll tax summary that we will provide. 

For a full list of contractor exceptions and how to register click here.

If You're A Subcontractor;

You need to register as a sub-contractor if you are paid to do construction work by a contractor. The contractor you are working for will deduct the CIS from your sales invoices, and they will give you monthly deduction statements. 

If you’re a subcontractor & contractor you need to register for both. Any CIS deducted from your sales also gets recorded on your payslip and reduces any CIS owed if you’re a limited company. 

Click here to find out how to register for CIS as a subcontractor. 

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