Celia Gaze – The Wellbeing Farm



Martin Horton comes here every month and has a management meeting with us and he presents this amazing monthly reporting analysis, which kind of gives all the trends in this very easy, graphical kind of format of that you can use. It tells me exactly, at a glance, where I’m heading in for problems, which areas I need to focus on, in terms of marketing. It gives me forecasts of sales, against budgets, against revenue and profit margin. It tells me my break even point. It gives me all of this future forecasted profits. The everything… so many graphs. I never had anything like this, and it is absolutely brilliant that not only do I get this report, but he actually makes time to come out and actually go through it.


I just had my annual accounts back from Martin and it was sent with a very helpful little video, which just talked me through the accounts, whereas before you were just sent it in an envelope, and you were like, “What on Earth goes this mean?”. Then you had to wait for the accountant to get in touch and to make an appointment. You do worry because you look at some of these figures and you think, ” Oh my goodness. What on Earth does this mean? Is it good or is it bad?”. I think that having that little kind of video that accompany the accounts when it was sent to you straight away that you could watch and it literally went through page by page of what everything meant was just so good. I’ve never had that before from anybody, really.