Pete Fraser

Rivington Accounts are lovely friendly people, totally reliable, and provide a very personal service. If I send Martin an email, unless he’s away on a family holiday, I get a reply within half a day. I’m filled with lots of confidence that they’re working in my best interests. I also like their honesty; if my enquiry is outside their scope of expertise they’re very good at directing me to someone who can help.


There have been some tax savings. It’s lovely to just have that reassurance that I’m staying the right side of the tax laws so I can get on and build my business without fly by night finances; they’re looking after my best interests in the background. I moved across from my previous accountant as it became obvious to me that his advice was in his best interests, not mine. The one before that was really boring, Martin’s not boring he’s fun. And the one prior to that, there were trust issues. It’s lovely to have an accountant I can trust who’s also very personable. It’s not just Martin but all of his team, they are just nice people.