Phil O’Connor



Whitewell Financial Planning Limited is a fairly young company and we have been working with Rivington Accounts for a little more than a year. Our relationship began with the bookkeeping service. We have recently moved to ClearBooks and Martin and Lisa have taken the time to visit us at our office to train us on the system and it is working extremely well for us.

Through the care and attention we have received with the bookkeeping service, earlier this year we took the decision to move all of our company requirements to Rivington Accounts. We found within a very short period of time that we could see the benefits of having Rivington Accounts on our side.


Being an ambitious company which is growing, we need to know that we have the right people around us to help us to move the business forward. We can already see that the service Rivington Accounts gives us total confidence that Martin is the right man to help us grow and develop. His in-depth understanding of business finance has already helped us to get a better understanding of our numbers and I’m looking forward to working with Rivington Accounts as we continue to grow.

Thank you Martin and the team.