Privacy Policy

Who is collecting the data?

Rivington Accounts collects data about you through our interactions with you. Trading as an accountancy practice we have an obligation to collect the data we ask for. How we do this can be:

  • through face to face meetings,
  • via our website and queries you submit to us,
  • from telephone calls
  • via skype calls
  • official forms to be completed for Government organisations
  • written communications

By interacting with us you give consent for us to use this data to perform the services you engage with us for.


What personal data is being collected?

We only collect personal data from you that is essential to fulfil the services we provide to you and which enables us to complete our obligations when reporting to government organisations. We also collect personal data about your staff if we provide payroll and pension services.

The personal data we collect includes:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Personal Address
  • Sex
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • The names of associated partners
  • National insurance numbers
  • Tax codes
  • Salary details (if applicable) of you and your staff
  • Pension details
  • Bank Details
  • Business turnover
  • Personal and business taxes paid and due


What is the legal basis for processing the data?

Rivington Accounts is an accountancy practice. It works with business owners to ensure that they comply with UK and EU legal regulations surrounding compliance with tax laws, payroll, pensions, national insurance, trade regulations intra UK or between UK and other countries.

We hold this data on secure systems to complete the work you engage us for concerning your businesses activities.

We also hold data concerning the staff you employ so that we can, where contracted to do so, run your payroll to calculate net salary payments, HMRC taxes due and pension contributions.


Will the data be shared with any third parties?

We do not pass your data to third parties unless we have your permission. However for legal and compliance purposes we do use your data when making submissions to:

  • HMRC
  • Companies House


How will the information be used?

We may use this data to register and submit your submissions for the payment of taxes or general reporting to relevant government authorities.

We may use this data to update Companies House when any details change concerning the trading circumstances of your business activities you contract with us to perform.

We may supply data to Companies House when submitting your agreed published accounts for the business or businesses you run.

We may use this data to submit information to the relevant pension authority you have signed up with to provide you and your staff with pension provision.

We will never pass your data on to other third parties other than those defined above unless we have express permission from you.

We will not sell or rent to any third party any of the personal information or data you provide us.

We may share personal information with the police or any government authority investigating illegal activity.


How long will the data be stored for?

We store the data we have collected in our secure systems.

The data is held continuously whilst we are contracted to work with you.

It is held for legitimate purposes of the business to perform our contractual duties and meet our legal obligations.

Thereafter we will archive the data securely and prevent its further use.

Once the minimum legal time period for holding data has been passed we delete all data from our systems. All digital footprints are cleansed, all hard copies are shredded.


What rights does the data subject have?

You the data subject, whose personal data has been collected have the following enhanced rights:

  • Right to be informed how the data is used
  • Right to Access the data held (We have 1 month to answer your written submission though the request cannot be excessive nor unfounded)
  • Right to rectification of data held (Your right to have the data we hold corrected)
  • Right to erasure of data held (the right to be forgotten) (Any data held which is no longer pertinent you can request to have erased) (This does not extend to data where legislation requires us to hold the data (eg. For HMRC, VAT purposes))
  • Right to restrict processing of data held (Where we collect data and it is used with third parties who contact you, eg. Marketing leaflets or calls, you may have this stopped.)
  • Right to data portability (Should you wish to move suppliers then a written request from you for us to supply all data held about you will be responded to.)
  • Right to Object (Investigate once we corroborate the data subject is linked to us.)
  • Right to prohibit Automated decision making (If we did automate using direct marketing tools linking data subject data to such then a data subject may request it be stopped, again once it is corroborated they are linked to us.)


How can the data subject raise a complaint?

Should the data subject consider their data has been breached you have the right to lodge a complaint with The Information Commissioner (


It’s easy to get in touch with us:

To access and amend the personal data we hold on you, you may phone, email or write to us.

  • Phone: 01257 429252 and ask for the Data Security team
  • Email: FAO Data Security team in the subject line
  • Write to: Data Security Team, Rivington Accounts, Bank House, 6-8 Church St, Adlington, Chorley, PR7 4EX